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The Cutting-Edge Technology – Maintenance with GeoNAM

Good maintenance is the key to quality, productivity and durability in any industrial facility. It’s down-to-earth, digital and complex at the same time. Good maintenance gives companies a competitive edge – it is the measure of all things. This is why good maintenance and repair management systems use creative web-based solutions that are able to bundle all relevant data-intensive processes into one easy-to-use workflow.



  • Smooth planning and implementation of business processes
  • Documentation of maintenance tasks
  • Emergency contact information management
  • Budget calculations for networks
  • Graphical modelling of processes and execution of the models in your application
  • Web-based application with permanent top-level availability
  • Document and process dig requests reliably in an automated workflow



These goals can be reached with the web-based asset and maintenance management system GeoNAM by GEOMAGIC. GeoNAM covers a wide variety of asset management, maintenance and workflow management tasks and guarantees permanent top-level availability. GeoNAM minimizes the efforts required for managing maintenance jobs. It can be adapted to your individual strategy and to changing regulatory requirements, and it provides a friendly user experience.




  • Let field staff digitize information and edit relevant data on mobile devices
  • Integrate mobile solutions with any asset management system


  • Collect and manage asset data using the market-leading technology
  • Optimize business processes with a wide variety of data analysis and reporting tools