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Asset Documentation and More With the Smallworld GIS

An asset documentation database can be seen as the foundation for the house you create from IT building blocks. The asset data you collect can be used in any number of higher-level business processes such as maintenance, integrity assessment, dig requests or legal compliance.

A solid asset database helps you manage and analyse a complete set of the available data on all your assets. It offers visualization and analysis tools for the asset data and supporting tools for business processes.



  • Collect and manage asset data using the market-leading technology
  • Optimize business processes with a wide variety of data analysis and reporting tools
  • Visualize and plot (geographic) data in conformity with national and international regulations and valid maps
  • Implement scaleable data and process management
  • Integrate in-line inspection and CP close-interval survey data with your asset data etc.


To meet these requirements, GEOMAGIC can provide you with the geographic information system Smallworld™ GIS. The Smallworld™ GIS is a market-leading GIS system with a unique topology-based approach and integrated database management functionality.

Data and process management solutions based on the Smallworld™ GIS can be scaled as required. It is a preferred technology for implementing international standards. A wide range of out-of-the-box functionality reduces the customization effort.



  • Let field staff digitize information and edit relevant data on mobile devices
  • Integrate mobile solutions with any asset management system



  • Smooth planning and implementation of business processes
  • Documentation of maintenance tasks
  • Web-based application with permanent top-level availability