State-of-the-art IT solutions and groundbreaking consulting services for the energy sector – that’s what GEOMAGIC excels in. With our expertise for energy, we are firmly established in the German market as well as internationally. GEOMAGIC is a trusted partner for transmission and distribution companies, infrastructure service providers and local authorities.

Our IT experts develop tailor-made, future-proof software solutions. We specialize in geographical information systems, integrity management and operative and strategic asset management. GEOMAGIC also offers user-friendly systems for managing rights-of-way and easements for your assets. We work closely and committedly with our customers from the first time you contact us, during specification, development and implementation, up to the maintenance, support and technical consulting phase.


GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions Inc. was founded in August 2018 in Houston, Texas, as a subsidiary of GEOMAGIC GmbH. (Germany). 

GEOMAGIC GmbH is based in Leipzig. It was established in 1994 and has 85 permanent staff. We develop our own software products and we are an authorized sales, development, implementation and training partner of GE Energy.

Our expert consultants solve organizational and strategic business challenges together with our clients. They unearth entrepreneurial potentials, help decision makers prepare for coming changes, and discover fresh fields of action for energy companies.


Management of GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions Inc.


Hannes Moser is Teamlead Geospacial Solutions at GEOMAGIC GmbH. He holds a PHD in Computer Science and started his career at GEOMAGIC as Technical Consultant and Software Developer. He has 10 years of experience with data model and application development in Smallworld GIS and was responsible for the successful implementation of Smallworld GIS at various utilities.

Hannes Moser

Vice President

Jim Mullen joined GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions in December 2019 after a long career in the gas utility business and holds a MS in Software Engineering.  He started his career interning as a Gas Controller for Columbia Gas Transmission. After obtaining his undergraduate engineering technology degree in 1985 he started at CNG Transmission, designing gas transmission pipelines and stations.  Beginning in 1994 Jim served as a process analyst and project manager on CNG’s GIS implementation project. Upon a merger with Dominion Energy in 2000 he moved into IT, serving as a Business Analyst. In 2007 he began his role as manager in IT, leading teams of developers supporting GIS, pipeline integrity, compliance and land/lease management applications.

Jim Mullen

Director of Marketing & Communications

Sina Leutbecher has been responsible for marketing, communications and event management at GEOMAGIC GmbH for 15 years. She holds a Master’s degree in communication from the University of Leipzig and started her professional career at BMW, but quickly switched to GEOMAGIC.

Sina Leutbecher

Sales Executive

Jason Bathrick joined GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions in March of 2022 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from Indiana University. He has ten years of experience in sales and has spent time in both the logistics and utilities space. Before joining GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions, he worked at a database startup in Denver that focuses on high frequency data collection and edge computing.

Jason Bathrick


Technical Consultant and Software Developer

Eric Noeth is a Technical Consultant and Software Developer at GEOMAGIC GmbH since 2016 and holds a diploma in Mathematics (University of Leipzig) and a PhD in Computer Science (University of Siegen). He joined GEOMAGIC after finishing his PhD in 2016. Since then, he has worked as a consultant and developer on various projects in the gas sector, focusing on asset, integrity and operational management.

Eric Noeth

Technical Consultant and Software Developer

Mitchell is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick Canada with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science focussing on GIS. He was first employed as a research assistant at the University of Prince Edward Island as a C programmer. He then was employed in an IT firm in northern Germany where his projects included designing and implementing Java-based client/server software and web applications for companies such as Airbus and Masterfoods.
He joined the team at GEOMAGIC in 2007 and since then has worked with Smallworld GIS and the Gas Offices (GDO and GTO), specializing in transmission pipeline integrity management software solutions.


Mitchell O’Brien

Technical Consultant and Software Developer

Fred Spicer joined GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions in January 2022 after a 40-year career in the gas utility industry with Consolidated Natural Gas(CNG) and then Dominion Energy after their merger in 2000. He graduated in 1981 with a BS in Computer Science from West Virginia Wesleyan College. After graduation, he started his career as a mainframe COBOL programmer and worked in that capacity for 15 years. During that time he worked on development across various parts of the business, including accounting, land/lease management, large customer billing, and gas measurement. Beginning in 1997 he transitioned to CNG’s Smallworld GIS implementation project as a Magik developer. In 2002 he moved to a Systems Analyst role while continuing support of the GIS system. In that role he helped manage ongoing O&M work and served as internal technical lead on several upgrade projects, including the move to Smallworld GDO/GTO in 2011-2012.

Fred Spicer