Integrity Management for Pipeline Operators and Gas Distribution Utilities


Trascue provides gas transmission and distribution operators a single application to meet their extensive integrity management needs, including MAOP calculation, risk assessment and technical condition analyses.

Our white-box approach makes the calculations behind each result transparent to the users. Input data, manual data changes, the assessment algorithm as well as the calculated results are all stored together and can be retraced at any time.

The flexible architecture of trascue.PIMS allows pipeline operators to freely decide how their assets should be evaluated. As a result, company employees can configure or refine the assessment algorithms themselves.

Configure or refine algorithms such as:

  • Technical condition analysis
  • ASME B31G,
  • FMEA/FMECA according to DIN EN 60812
  • Probabilic assessment according to DIN EN ISO 16708
  • Corrosion prognosis
  • DNV
  • Kiefner
  • Muhlbauer
  • Coating condition
  • Customer-specific evaluation models: ranking, corrosion assessment, or algorithms of any type


Data import from any GIS system

Complete data management with audit logging

Dynamic segmentation based on the data items selected for assessment

Freely configurable assessment engine

Handling of time-dependent data (e.g. for corrosion prognosis)

Results can be stored encrypted

Support for what-if scenarios and comparison of line and assessment data

Presentation of assessment results in charts – band views and alignment sheets

Thematic mapping of pipes according to assessment results

Link to any WMS for use as a background map or web services such as Bing, Open Street Maps, or GIS map layers

Excel export for easy reporting


Trascue for Transmission

Trascue for Distribution