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Risk and Condition Assessment with TRASCUE

Reliable Compliance

Pipeline operators need to guarantee efficient network operation and take responsibility for the people and the natural environment around their facilities. To fulfill these requirements, they need safe pipelines and an intelligent Pipeline Integrity Management System to keep them that way. We can provide a complete software package to help with that.




  • Improved facility safety
  • Initial risk analysis
  • Comprehensive use of available inspection data
  • Data import from available Geographic Information Systems
  • Freely configurable assessment algorithm and flexible software architecture
  • Encryption and audit-proof archiving of assessment results
  • What-if-scenarios and comparison of different states of the pipeline and assessment data
  • Charts of assessment results (band views and quick plots)
  • Integration of WebMapServices (WMS)



GEOMAGIC offers the IT solution TRASCUE for pipeline integrity management. Trascue has been developed in cooperation with transmission network operators and supports all processes required for a well-founded and compliant pipeline integrity management system.



  • Let field staff digitize information and edit relevant data on mobile devices
  • Integrate mobile solutions with any asset management system



  • Smooth planning and implementation of business processes
  • Documentation of maintenance tasks
  • Web-based application with permanent top-level availability