Dig Request and Construction Planning with GeoNAM

A Fundamental Building Block in Complex Software Architecture

GeoNAM can help you ensure legal compliance in managing dig requests as well as create a fully digital and adaptable workflow.

This IT solution includes all functionality for managing external inquiries, but also allows you to adapt the workflow to any company-specific requirements. Service providers working on outsourced tasks can be easily on-boarded, as the workflow is composed of separable individual jobs. The GeoNAM external inquiries module is one of the components of GEOMAGIC’s web-based management and maintenance system GeoNAM (GEOMAGIC Network Asset Management).

The Challenge of External Inquiries

Every utility company is required by law to provide information on its assets for planned construction work. Inquiries for such information should be answered promptly, with absolute reliability and high-quality content, but without undue effort and cost. With the construction market on the upswing, the number of inquiries can be overwhelming, but each one has to be given due care.

Manage External Inquiries with GeoNAM

The GeoNAM external inquiries module integrates all steps for dealing with a request into a single, automated workflow. GeoNAM provides full flexibility for modifying each process to fit your business set-up and requirements. Process definitions can also be changed in a running system without having to update the software. This helps businesses using GeoNAM to deal with internal or external requirements changes smoothly.



The external inquiries module supports entering and archiving third-party request documents using any means of communication, i.e., letter, e-mail, or dig request web portals.

Assets affected by an inquiry are searched using the utility company’s existing asset documentation. The external inquiries module uses data from existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or other geographic data which is directly integrated into its web-based user interface.




The GeoNAM emergency plan module stores all contact information for rescue coordination centers, disaster management authorities, or police offices, in order to get out the warning quickly to all relevant actors in case of emergency. Emergency communication plans can be exported in different formats for external service providers or for the use of authorities. This lets you react in a coordinated and timely manner.

The GeoNAM asset planning and cost calculation module assists with step-by-step planning of maintenance and repair works and the related budgetary requirements. You can draw up cost estimates for individual projects as well as budget plans for an entire network, and simulate different maintenance strategies to compare costs.




Use text modules and templates to have GeoNAM create standardized documents automatically. Documents can be prepared for letter mailings or e-mail communication.

GeoNAM comes with integrated document management functions that use intelligent filing and document bar codes to reliably store and retrieve documents. Signature pads can be used to provide audit-proof electronic signatures.



GeoNAM provides a modular set of functions for managing external inquiries. You can use the available modules and create a visual map of your own workflow, which is adapted to your company’s needs.

Changes coming up in internal review can be integrated while the system is running, preparing you for continuous improvement and changing outside requirements.



Traceable documentation

Workflow history for each process instance

Supports legal compliance

Integrates map services such as Google Maps, Bing, or OpenStreetMap

Avoids media discontinuity by using digital signatures and document bar codes

Mobile solutions

Easy cooperation with external service providers

Automated document generation

Integration for dig request web portals

Supports various means of communication (letter, e-mail, web portal)