Planning Maintenance, Asset Management. The Easy Way

GeoNAM – A Single Solution for a Variety of Asset Management Tasks 

GeoNAM is GEOMAGIC’s device-independent, web-based asset and process management solution that can also be used for planning and documenting asset-related activities.

GeoNAM combines data from a variety of sources into a unified, clear and user-friendly set of views. Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap can be used with standard protocols such as WMS or WFS. Documents and pictures can be archived in GeoNAM’s document management system. A sophisticated permissions management function allows users to access just the set of data they need for their work.



Fully configurable dashboards for simplified visualization of key performance metrics

Flexible user permissions management to protect data and increase user productivity

Integration of GIS or ERP information

Synchronized display of map and asset –related data

True device independence! Single app for any device – PC, smartphone or tablet

Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Flexible configuration of specific business processes

Intuitive process analysis tools

Built in document management and document-asset relationships