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PHMSA Mega Rule Compliance

Utilizing GEOMAGIC’s CP Analyst Application to Ensure PHMSA Mega Rule Compliance for Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Management

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) Mega Rule introduces stringent guidelines for gas utilities to prevent corrosion-related incidents and ensure the safety and integrity of gas pipelines. GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions’ CP Analyst application serves as a powerful tool for gas utilities to achieve compliance with the PHMSA Mega Rule’s Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Requirements.
CP Analyst facilitates the integration, visualization, and analysis of cathodic protection (CP)-related data, inspections, monitoring, and documents, offering a comprehensive solution to manage corrosion mitigation efforts. The Mega Rule encompasses various mandates, including installation surveys, cathodic protection management, close interval surveying, AC interference monitoring, and internal corrosion assessment. The following sections will discuss how GEOMAGIC’s CP Analyst application plays a pivotal role in assisting gas utilities in adhering to these regulatory requirements, ensuring the continued safety and reliability of their pipeline infrastructure.

CP Analyst Overview

CP Analyst is a web-based, geo-collaborative application developed by GEOMAGIC. It offers gas utilities a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of cathodic protection and corrosion mitigation. The application allows users to integrate, visualize, and analyze diverse CP-related information, including protected structures, inspection results, remote monitoring data, images, and documents, within a single system. This unified view simplifies the planning, documentation, and maintenance of CP systems.

Compliance with Installation Surveys
The Mega Rule mandates above-ground assessments after installing segments exceeding 1,000 feet. CP Analyst enables utilities to conduct these assessments promptly by visualizing the results of surveys such as Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) or Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG). The application’s analytical tools facilitate the comparison of successive inspections, providing insights into coating damage and guiding necessary remediation efforts.

Cathodic Protection Management
CP Analyst serves as a data hub for cathodic protection compliance. It enables utilities to define reference and threshold value ranges for reading types and declare follow-up surveys as reference inspections. The application identifies critical read locations where readings deviate from defined ranges. Additionally, CP Analyst calculates the positive threshold of the off potential based on soil resistivity, considering insulating devices and interference bonds. The software displays electrically connected network components and their relationships on a map, aiding in comprehensive corrosion management.

Close Interval Surveying & Assessment
When pipe-to-soil measurements indicate inadequate cathodic protection, gas utilities must conduct close interval surveys (CIS) every five feet in the affected area. CP Analyst assists in meeting this requirement by allowing utilities to plan and document CIS efforts. The application’s analytical tools enable visualization of survey results and support timely remediation actions.

AC Interference Monitoring
CP Analyst helps utilities adhere to the AC interference monitoring requirement by facilitating the identification of significant increases in stray current through electrical potential monitoring. The application aids in performing interference surveys and promptly remediating any issues, ensuring timely compliance with the rule.

Internal Corrosion Assessment
To meet the PHMSA requirement of monitoring corrosive gas stream constituents, CP Analyst supports utilities in conducting annual assessments at relevant pipeline points. The application’s data storage and versioning capabilities enable the tracking of internal corrosion monitoring programs and adjustments based on evolving information.

GEOMAGIC’s CP Analyst application serves as a pivotal solution for gas utilities striving to meet the challenges posed by the PHMSA Mega Rule. By facilitating the integration, visualization, and analysis of diverse cathodic protection data, CP Analyst empowers gas utilities to efficiently manage corrosion mitigation efforts, adhere to regulatory mandates, and ensure the long-term safety and integrity of their pipeline systems. Through its innovative features, CP Analyst emerges as a valuable asset in achieving PHMSA compliance and enhancing the overall corrosion management strategies of gas utilities.