GEOMAGIC has been talking about the “new” GeoNAM for several months now. The version that will be available from 2021 includes a maintenance module that flexibly integrates, and maps sets of rules.

With the GeoNAM Care module, GeoNAM organizes and optimizes all maintenance processes and thus extends the life cycles of your assets and technical facilities – platform-independent and fully integrable into grown IT infrastructure.

Processes related to condition-based or cyclical maintenance of assets and networks are based on legal requirements, sets of rules and inspection intervals. Corresponding rules can be created and specified by the user, which allows for creating maintenance and service tasks for technical objects. These can be coordinated, controlled, and filtered using an intuitive dashboard.

Reporting also includes interactive dashboards with tables and evaluations. The status of rule fulfillment can be viewed at a glance, as are pending and overdue tasks. From the dashboard, the user can navigate down to the level of a single valve. All data is documented in GeoNAM Care.

With GeoNAM Care, maintenance managers, fitters and service providers always know what needs to be done.