A lot of work to be done – very intense days lay behind us

GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions Inc. was founded as a subsidiary of GEOMAGIC GmbH, based in Leipzig (Germany).

In June 2022, GEOMAGIC GmbH (informally called by us big G) took the opportunity to finally invite two US colleagues over to Germany. Jim and Jason have meanwhile landed safely back in the States and we all look back on an intensive but also exciting working week together.

Our German team gave Jim and Jason many insights on our core products GeoNAM, LaRA, TRASCUE and CPA in just one week. How much input that was, you could always tell a the end of the day by the state of the hair ????. We also took our time to look into GE Smallworld products like GTO, GDO and GSA.
But of course it was not all about work.

  • We got to know each other. Jim has been with us for 2 and ½ years now and hasn’t met anyone in person until the beginning of June.
  • The Germans were proud to show their country – at least a tiny bit. The weekend was packed with sightseeing in Leipzig, Castle Kriebstein and Berlin.
  • We all enjoyed the variety of food that many places in Germany have to offer – one day it is Italian, the next it is German, or Indian or Vietnamese …