Software support for assessing natural gas pipelines before their use for hydrogen

Our new whitepaper presents some introductory facts on hydrogen and its transportation via pipelines and goes on to develop preliminary ideas for a software-based integrity management system for hydrogen pipelines. The focus is on the development and implementation of an assessment algorithm for GEOMAGIC´s trascue.PIMS software for basic assessment of existing pipelines for their potential hydrogen capability.


  • Standards for the hydrogen transport capability of pipelines, established by the professional associations ASME or DVGW, can be integrated into the assessment algorithm of a PIMS.
  • Existing software for integrity management can therefore be harnessed for the requirements of the energy transformation, e.g., for hydrogen use.
  • The percentage of hydrogen in the transported medium and the number of allowable stress changes are key factors to consider regarding the likelihood of hydrogen-in-duced cracking. This is a major differentiator in comparison to the transportation of natural gas.
  • Veenker engineering consultants provide the required technical expertise in developing a compliant assessment algorithm for GEOMAGIC’s trascue.PIMS that allows a preliminary assessment of an existing pipeline for hydrogen transport capability.
  • In addition to engineering data on the pipeline, data from previous conditions and risk assessments coupled with data on the history of pressure changes provide relevent input values for trascue.pims and the basis for hydrogen capability assessments.