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GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions and Renegade Energy Advisors Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Energy Sector Management

GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions, a global leader in providing digital solutions tailored for utility companies, and Renegade Energy Advisors, a distinguished consultancy offering specialized services to the energy industry, are delighted to announce the formation of a strategic alliance aimed at driving innovation and efficiency across the sector. GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions is renowned for its highly configurable and geospatially enabled software solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of utility companies. Offering
comprehensive tools for asset, integrity, operations, and land rights management, GEOMAGIC’s cutting-edge platforms have revolutionized utility management practices worldwide.

Renegade Energy Advisors brings to the alliance a wealth of expertise in regulatory compliance, integrity management, geotechnical analysis, and renewable energy services. With a diverse clientele spanning utilities, midstream pipeline companies, and Fortune 100 corporations focused on decarbonization, Renegade Energy Advisors has established itself as a trusted partner for navigating the complexities of the energy sector.

Through this strategic alliance, GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions and Renegade Energy Advisors will combine their complementary strengths to deliver holistic solutions that address the evolving challenges faced by energy companies today. By leveraging GEOMAGIC’s advanced digital platforms and Renegade Energy Advisors’ strategic insights and specialized services, clients across the energy industry will gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and expertise to optimize operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive sustainable growth.

“We are excited to announce this strategic alliance with Renegade Energy Advisors,” said Jim Mullen, COO at GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions. “Together, we are uniquely positioned to offer energy companies unparalleled solutions to enhance operational efficiency, streamline regulatory compliance, and implement innovative risk management practices.”

“Renegade Energy Advisors is proud to partner with GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions in this strategic alliance,” said Jen Holmstadt, CEO at Renegade Energy Advisors. “By combining our expertise in regulatory compliance, integrity management, and geohazard risk management with GEOMAGIC’s innovative digital solutions, we can empower energy companies to navigate regulatory complexities, optimize asset performance, and drive forward their sustainability and operational initiatives.”

The strategic alliance between GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions and Renegade Energy Advisors marks a significant step forward in advancing innovation and efficiency within the energy sector. Together, these two industry leaders are committed to driving positive change and delivering value to clients across the energy industry.

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