GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions Inc. and Abriox Inc. announce partnership

Richmond/Houston, Texas, 14 March 2023 – GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions Inc., the specialist in cathodic protection data management and analysis software for the energy sector and Abriox Inc., the multi award-winning high-tech specialist in remote monitoring for utility pipelines, are pleased to announce, they have entered into a formal partnership to facilitate a seamless, best-in-class monitoring, control and compliance solution for their customers.

“Abriox is delighted to announce this partnership with GEOMAGIC which will significantly benefit the customers of both our companies,” Abriox CEO Sean Daniels said.

“GEOMAGIC’s CP Analyst web-based compliance application will integrate with Abriox’s cathodic protection remote monitoring units to visualize and compare readings which helps identify possible weak spots,” GEOMAGIC CEO Hannes Moser explains. “The Abriox/GEOMAGIC partnership bridges the gap between cathodic protection data collection and data analysis creating a complete end to end solution for any company looking to streamline and modernize,” Hannes added.

Sean is looking forward to the teamwork between Abriox and GEOMAGIC: “We are happy to be showcasing this exciting new synergistic relationship at a number of upcoming events.”



Abriox’s core expertise is the development of remote monitoring systems for oil, gas and petrochemical companies.

Abriox helps its customers improve the efficiency of their fuel distribution networks by providing demonstrable asset management, safety, economic, environmental and compliance benefits. Abriox’s US headquarters is in Richmond, Texas and it has a satellite office in Amelia, Ohio. Its European and international headquarters are in Newport, UK.

GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions Inc. is based in Houston Texas and has US offices in Iowa and West Virginia and its international headquarters are in Leipzig, Germany.

GEOMAGIC develops future-proof IT technologies for the energy and public works sectors. GEOMAGIC focuses on high-compatibility software solutions for geographic information systems (GIS), integrity management, and operative and strategic asset management, with solid professional expertise in compliance since 1994.