Let us shortly explain how we help you running projects and implementing new software.

You are all working with complex data in complex processes. So, our duty is to help you unravel this complexity, but not just by throwing a software over the fence. We know about the stakeholder interests, stakeholder involvement and therefor guide you through certain rules to make the introduction of a new software in your company a success.

  1. Strengthen your employees’ position and let them be part of the process. Not in all details, but certainly at milestones and key features.
  2. Show your employees the advantages of a new software. In the short and long run a new software should make their work life easier.
  3. Get your employee’s feedback on using the software. Collect their ideas for new features or enhancements.
  4. Train your employees individually. Try to figure out how much training they need to feel good about working with the new tool.

Introducing a software is always a process of change. Take your staff on the journey to build up trust. This is what will make the new software and the transformation a success.

Besides stakeholder involvement we have developed more guidelines in our 20+ years experience.

  • Start small – sounds easy, we help you to keep track
  • Try to digitize an existing process at first, something mature that worked over the years
  • Focus on process management

Get in touch with our experts to talk about your journey or your next software introduction project.