After many years in the making, PHMSA’s new rules will go into effect in three phases.

Part one was already added October 1, 2019 and will be effective July 1, 2020. Some examples for new definitions include §192.3 MCA, §192.710 assessments outside of HCAs and §192.624 Maximum allowable operating pressure reconfirmation.

So the heat is on for MCAs and MAOP revalidation.

The functionality according to manage MCAs according to the preliminary definition was released with General Electric’s Smallworld™ Global Transmission Office 5.1.4. The final MCA definition is supported by version 5.2.2 released in December 2019.

GEOMAGIC offers expert support to enable you to handle the new rules and revalidation of the maximum allowed pipeline operating pressure. GEOMAGIC Utility Solutions Inc. will help you adjusting your business and to reconfigure your risk algorithms and General Electric’s MAOP Calculator.